Space Between is a Copenhagen-based interior and furniture design practice. Founded by Joachim Bremer, the studio works within retail, hospitality, residential and commercial fields. Space Between believes in simplicity and strives to create modern spaces and furniture with enduring functionality and honest aesthetics. The experience of the end-user and the strategic needs of the client drive Space Between’s process to ensure unique outcomes. Each project responds empathetically to the local context, to the site and the character of the brand. Space Between supports clients through a personal and holistic approach, offering expertise across all stages of a project—from the first sketches to site management to construction. In addition to developing interior design concepts, the studio draws on a passion for craftsmanship, technology and natural materials to build customized furniture and solutions at all scales. This holistic perspective results in spaces that are cohesive and responsive to their unique contexts.
Each project begins with an investigation into the client and the character of their brand. In this way, Space Between’s concepts honestly express their origins and communicate a clear brand identity to end-users. 
Attention is given to the site’s local context including history, material vernacular and narrative. These idiosyncrasies are woven into the design to form an authentic sense of place.  
The design process is pragmatic. An early consideration for all challenges or limitations informs realistic concepts. There is equal emphasis on efficiency, function and performance as there is on aesthetic sensibilities. 
Natural, local and environmentally conscious materials are favoured and applied in their purest forms. The studio draws from an extensive library and network of suppliers to select durable, quality materials that bring both performance and tactility to their applied context. 
Space Between works closely with the client, with suppliers, contractors and builders to fine tune solutions along the way. Thanks to a personal and hands-on approach, Space Between can easily adapt to changing needs and solve problems efficiently. 
Depending on the client’s requirements, the process may include full site management and construction. In these cases, Space Between applies keen attention to detail and planning until the final delivery.  
Space Between specializes in custom furniture and integrated solutions which can bring added functionality and uniqueness to a space.

Services include: Interior Design, Site & Supplier Management, Construction Management, Custom Furniture, Materials & Solutions, Furniture Design

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