Henri, Nordre Frihavnsgade

Henri's 5th barbershop epitomizes the brand’s commitment to men's wellness. Drawing inspiration from bathhouses and classic barbershops, Space Between’s design concept balances a clinical atmosphere with sophistication, and a pared-back Scandinavian style. Custom elements including high-polished desks, light blue painted shelving units, and mirrors with polished frames add material interest. Henri’s waiting room and barber seating, colour palette, and artworks infuse the relatively simple space with a hint of retro. The use of cool steel and industrial built-ins counteract the 50s design touches, leading to a space that is ultimately utilitarian.
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The interior features polished oak shelving and mirror units, along with classic subway tiles and a custom stainless steel shelving system inset into the walls that introduces an industrial edge. The acoustic ceiling, paired with custom-made floodlights, ensures optimal lighting for precise haircuts. The counter is composed of Italian Lava stone from Etna, blending luxury and functionality seamlessly.
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Completed in June 2023, Henri's newest shop is the second designed by Space Between. It serves as a haven for the modern man seeking a refined grooming experience without the fuss. Space Between’s clean and simple design - with its high attention to functionality and precise detailing - reflects Henri’s dedication to style and well-being.
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Barber shop
Completed 2023
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S JOTUN Søe Snedkeri Virum Installation Olsen og Christiansen Beckerlee GVV WMG Vitra