Mond of Copehagen, Frederiksberg

Danish tailor Mond’s new Frederiksberg location builds on the aesthetic DNA Space Between established at their Oslo and Hamburg stores. The design and custom display systems Space Between created for Mond Frederiksberg are at once exclusive yet comfortable, paying homage to the craftsmanship and intimacy of the tailoring business. The location underwent an extensive renovation managed by Space Between to transform the interior from its former use as a club into a sophisticated retail space. The address now represents Mond’s Copenhagen flagship.
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Through the two earlier locations, Space Between set Mond’s interior atmosphere and had the opportunity to perfect the spaces during their use over the last 2 years. Frederiksberg continues the same expressions of geometry, rationality and organization which have been created through compartmentalized displays and a repetition of solid wooden volumes. The two-storey Frederiksberg spaces encompasses areas for suit design and fitting, plus a lounge for customers to relax with a coffee. There is also larger private fitting room in the basement for groups and events.
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The oak cabinetry and cutting desks were custom made for Mond based on the idea of the tailor’s toolbox. The display system resembles a residential walk-in closet with optimizations catering to the commercial context: all the tools of the trade are accessible and on view; the system’s components are adaptable and expandable; are finished with durable stainless steel fixtures and built-in flush mounted lighting for high visibility. The entire cabinetry system was delivered to Mond flat-packed for efficiency and easy assembly with only one tool. The custom made cutting tables take center stage and are visible from the street to celebrate the tailors’ skills and the bespoke nature of their work. Made from Danish oak and designed with two box joined drawers, the massive tables are both beautiful and practical. Small stools in two sizes feature a cut-out handle for ease of use during the suit fitting process. Additional materials include a durable and recyclable tiled flooring combined with oak floorboards, walls are finished with St. Leo’s Marble Paint, carpets by Ege and curtains sourced from one of Mond’s tailoring textiles.
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Mond of Copenhagen
Completed 2022
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S RIBU Holkenberg Gardiner Ege Carpets St. Leo Ariostea Virum Installation Olsen og Christiansen Risom Snedkeri Fredericia HAY FDB Møbler