Original Coffee, Nordre Frihavnsgade

Located in Østerbro, this Original Coffee renovation by Space Between sought to expand the venue across to the next-door space, whilst retaining the café’s cosy feeling. Østerbro represents one of Original Coffee’s first cafés and one of its busiest venues in Copenhagen. The building has a rich history, and the new design echoes its past as a grocery store. Original Coffee’s intention with the renovation was to return the space to its original size and carry forward the bustling community spirit.
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Space Between’s approach to the project was to impart an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort, whilst delivering a clean, simple and durable design. Wood paneling across walls painted in a muted olive green is reminiscent of the location’s history. Polished concrete floors, natural oak furniture, anodized aluminium and Corian stone combine for a modern expression. The oak brings tactile warmth while the subtly reflective aluminium and stone play with the light.
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Space Between designed custom elements for the space including the high café table—which merges a natural oak base with a charcoal stone tops from Sicilian named Grigio Bilimi—oak bench seating and integrated shelving unit, café counter and kitchen. The chairs are by Takt and Menu; the ceiling lights and lamps are by Anker & Co and Westberg.
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Coffee Shop
Original Coffee
Copenhagen, Østerbro
Completed 2022
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S Polsteriet CPH Risom Snedkeri Simpelt Design Snedkeri TAKT A1 Anker & Co Virum Installation Tvillingerne VVS