Original Coffee, Orientkaj

Original Coffee's third venue in Nordhavn, located at Orientkaj, is a collaborative space that merges the café’s established brand identity with that of Danish law firm Accura. The 88-square-meter space initially featured raw concrete surfaces and no existing installations, providing a blank canvas for Space Between. Leaning into their long-standing client relationship with the coffee shop, Space Between delivered a unique interior that continues Original Coffee’s expression of comfort, simplicity and contemporary cool. The design also draws inspiration from 1950’s corporate interiors through muted tones, clean lines and a hint of vintage décor.
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The concept works with the building's existing material palette of natural marble and oak, while introducing aluminium, leather, and wool. Every surface is highly tactile and functional, rendered in a soft colour palette that embraces light from the site’s large windows. A single statement pendant light by New Works adds an organic shape to the otherwise linear space. Taken as a whole, the interior exudes a warm, Nordic atmosphere that calms the senses and encourages patrons to take their time. Space Between’s concept relies almost entirely on bespoke elements, meticulously crafted to ensure a high level of detail and efficiency. The stone and steel café tables, aluminium arm- and lounge chairs, oak coffee table, aluminium strip light and illuminated wall signage are all custom. The built-in furniture including the shelving with an integrated sink, full-height oak wall joinery, and upholstered block bench seating were also designed and built by Space Between to create a unified space that is highly functional.
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Diverse seating options cater to varied preferences – a semi-separated lounge area, small tables in the main area for intimate conversations as well as 4-person round tables for group gatherings. Low stools are lined up along a stone-topped bar that seems to float under the window, inviting patrons to enjoy natural light with their coffee. The entrance to Accura’s office is marked by a utilitarian sign over a threshold that recedes into the same oak-clad volume as the coffee shop's retail display area next to the bathroom entry. Space Between oversaw the design and construction of the interior from end-to-end with the functionality of a busy coffee shop firmly in mind. The resulting space exudes effortlessness, but on close inspection it is rigorous down to every detail.
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Coffee shop
Original Coffee
Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Completed 2023
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners