Original Coffee, Strandlodsvej

For the design of Original Coffee Amager—a beachside neighbourhood of Copenhagen—Space Between drew inspiration from Southern European interiors. Light, airy, natural and highly tactile, the café is relaxing and communal. The location is characterized by industrial heritage, a contemporary residential energy and the nearby beaches and lakes.
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The building itself has an industrial structure which has been juxtaposed by the choice of earthy and natural materials: handmade clay tiles crafted in Italy especially for the project—a modern take on traditional home interiors—handmade terrazzo tabletops and soft textiles by Kvadrat. The space is full of light with vast windows that open to the street, and the simple material palette comes alive as the sunrays stream through.
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As with all Original Coffee locations, Space Between addresses practicality, durability, comfort and atmosphere in equal measure. The design for Original Coffee Amager includes long wearing Corian bar tops, easy to clean stone and aluminium surfaces, dark brown fabric upholstery and a combination of 3 seating plans catering to different social moods. Custom elements designed and built for the interior include the bench seating, tables, bar, kitchen and Italian clay tiles. The chairs are by Menu and Fredericia; lamps are by Westberg; curtains and seating fabric are provided by Kvadrat.
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Coffee Shop
Original Coffee
Copenhagen, Strandlodsvej 13Z
Completed 2022
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S Polsteriet CPH Risom Snedkeri Søe Snedkeri Simpelt Design Snedkeri Holkenberg Gardiner Fredericia Menu Marokk Virum Installation Tvillingerne VVS