Original Coffee, Stubkaj

Original Coffee's second establishment in Copenhagen's Nordhavn district is situated in the arcade of the newly opened STAY hotel. Encompassing an area of 180m2, the light-filled coffee shop, completed by Space Between in February 2023, represents a significant addition to the burgeoning urban landscape, and a long standing collaboration between the client and designer.
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The utilitarian interior design features textured, exposed concrete surfaces and geometric shapes throughout. The long floorplan welcomes light and customer movement, with several seating zones in rectilinear or curvilinear shapes. Curved custom designed ceiling lights in aluminium reinforce the industrial, nautical atmosphere. Block-like tables, benches and stools in blue, grey and wooden tones create a long low line, seemingly floating along the back wall. The loose furnishings can be reconfigured to suit customer needs, forming smaller or larger groups.
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The pared-back materials include custom birch and cork furniture, complemented by raw brushed aluminum lamps and shelving units. The bar, enveloped in cork panels and featuring a white Solid Sorface tabletop, introduce additional tactility to the space and provides durability. The colour palette is calibrated to evoke the natural surroundings, with navy to light blue hues mirroring the deep canals flowing nearby, and cool grey echoing the industrial buildings and concrete urban surrounds. Functional partitioning is achieved through strategically placed curtains, adding softness to the café while also facilitating shared usage of the site with Adidas' running club behind. In its entirety, Space Between’s design for the coffee shop achieves both high functionality and spatial efficiency while nodding to the maritime character of Nordhavn. It is cool, calm, and entirely of its place.
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Coffee shop
Original Coffee
Completed 2023
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S Virum Installation Ernbak FDB Møbler HAY