Original Coffee, Tivoli Koncertsalen

Original Coffee Tivoli is located inside the historic Koncertsalen, originally built in 1956 and renovated in 2006 by 3XN. The newly opened café respects the location’s theatrical past while welcoming a contemporary community.
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Original Coffee wanted a café interior that is consistent with their brand DNA, whilst retaining key details from the old Koncertsalen space including the ceiling and the floor. As the commissioned designer and builder for the café, Space Between took a minimal and practical approach. The highly textural qualities of the heritage flooring and ceiling provided existing character and informed Space Between’s selection of simple materials for the cabinetry, furniture and lighting. Space Between’s bright and open-plan spatial design increases a sense of calm and addresses the necessary functionality and flow of the busy café atmosphere.
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All the furniture was built by Space Between, including custom solutions for the 50s-inspired lighting, custom bar stools, built-in cabinetry and circular seating surrounding a large tree. The material palette includes natural ash wood for the café chairs—designed by Brdr. Kruger—tables, benches, shelving and counters. The light tone of the ash offsets the dark flooring and establishes a welcoming atmosphere. Brushed aluminium was selected for the long communal table, bench bases and strip lighting, bringing a clean and contemporary feel and reflecting the natural light coming in through full-height windows. The most theatrical moment is the café’s entrance, which features custom wood panels in a contrasting pattern of raw ash and ash pigmented with linseed oil. Vertical strips of visible lightbulbs bring a touch of 50’s glamour to the otherwise restrained and modern design. 
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Coffee shop
Original Coffee
Copenhagen, Tivoli
Completed 2022
Photographs by
Armin Tehrani
Suppliers and partners
Davidoff Maskinfabrik A/S Polsteriet CPH Horn Bordplader Risom Snedkeri Søe Snedkeri Simpelt Design Snedkeri Brdr. Krüger HAY Virum Installation Tvillingerne VVS